History of the Jumbo Logo

The red elephant has been the Jumbo trademark for games and puzzles since 1976. The elephant first appeared in the Hausemann & Hötte logo for the first time in 1936. Around that time, they were selling wooden toys under the name Jumbo. The quality was perceived to be strong enough to withstand the weight of an elephant standing on the wooden toys and the name – Jumbo - and the red elephant have been used ever since.

The elephant Jumbo was drawn by Mr. Mohr who worked at an advertising agency and, with some regularity and drew regularly for the company Hausemann & Hötte. Mr. Mohr was then appointed to create a beautiful new elephant logo for all the toys produced by Hausemann & Hötte. Throughout the years, the red elephant logo has changed, for example  the elephant’s eye has steadily increased in size and dropped down slightly, resulting in a friendlier looking elephant.

When the Jumbo logo was first produced, there were two H's in the elephant, which stood for the company name: Hausemann & Hötte. When Hausemann & Hötte started to produce their own games and puzzles the two H's in the elephant's name changed into Jumbo. Thus Jumbo became a brand.

The elephant was once used, not only in red, but in different colours like blue, yellow, black, white and green, that emphasised a fun and playful brand. The chosen colour of the elephant was usually determined by the colour of the packaging. But at the end of the 60’s the definitive colour of the elephant became red, because it stood out and attracted more attention.

In books and on boxes, the colour of the elephant is a combined colour of 100% magenta and 100% yellow. That way, you will create the finest red. With a magnifying glass you can clearly see that Jumbo red actually consists of two colours, purple and yellow.

In the late 1950’s Hausemann & Hötte began to export games to other countries and this was reflected in the logo when the word "games" was added to the logo.

In 1974 the letter 'R', also known as the ® appeared in the logo. This letter represents the word "registered". This means that your brand is defined (registered) so that no one else may use the logo, at least not for games or puzzles.  At first it was located on the right, afterwards it was moved to the left. In 1981 the ® again ended up on moved to the right. This has remained so until today.

From the late 80’s a black border was placed around the elephant and the words “Jumbo Games” were removed.

In 2008 the decision was taken to remove the black frame (and white square), so the Jumbo elephant was completely independent, and the elephant had a white outline placed around her. The word “Jumbo” is now printed on her side, and the J is made from the curve of her ear.