Published on March 5, 2014, 1:40 p.m.

We are delighted to announce that our brand new Wasgij Original 21: Football Fever 2x1000 piece puzzle is available to buy now!

Wasgij Original 21 is a fantastic football themed puzzle that is sure to bring you hours of entertainment – especially as you can enjoy piecing together the image printed on the box AND the ‘solution’ image. So that’s two terrific Wasgij jigsaw puzzles in one box!

The image on the box depicts a family cheering on their beloved national team competing at the illustrious Wasgij Cup on the television screen, as they are dressed head to toe in football scarfs, shirts, hats and even slippers for granddad. But what could have possible distracted the football player on the television? That is the image of the ‘solution’ jigsaw puzzle you have to piece together. But remember - you also get to enjoy piecing together the image printed on the box as well!

To make this football themed Wasgij even more special, there is a FREE football wall chart included in the box, so you can track the progress of all the teams participating in this summer’s football tournament, from the group stages all the way to the final.

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Happy Puzzling