Game of Goose app arrives on iPad & Android

Published on June 9, 2014, 2:02 p.m.

All-time favourite classic board game available on June 14!

Children can now play the all-time favourite classic board game - Game of Goose on their iPad or Android tablet! Roll the dice and move your goose to the finish to win the race. But beware! Don't fall in the well!

Choose your favourite animal out of 5 cute animals - goose, baby chick, dog, cat or hedgehog – and see how they run or waddle on the beautiful designed board. Fun animations bring the board to life. The rules are the same: if you fall in the well you have to skip a turn!

Game of Goose is a fun way to introduce young children to counting as they move their pieces. They also learn to take turns. But best of all, they will have great fun together (up to four players) or against the computer!

Game of Goose App

The app is available for any iPad and Android tablet from 14 June and costs € 1.49. Visit for more information