New Wasgij Puzzle App Mystery Expansion Pack

Published on June 24, 2014, 12:04 p.m.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the brand new Wasgij Puzzle App Mystery expansion pack 2 that is available to purchase now on both iOS* and Android* tablets!

The latest update on the Wasgij Puzzle App (paid version) is the triple puzzle pack expansion in the Wasgij Mystery collection for £1.99. Once downloaded, you can enjoy digitally piecing together the three following Wasgij Mystery puzzles – Mystery 10: Spring Has Sprung, Mystery 6: Camping Commotion and Mystery 5: Sunday Lunch!

We have also added a new Wasgij Destiny puzzle to download for £1.49 - Destiny 9: Super Models!

As with all the paid for Wasgij puzzle app jigsaws, you can enjoy piece counts from 54 to 504 – which is great for how much time you’ve got to puzzle or for getting friends and family hooked on the Wasgij craze. But if you would prefer to enjoy larger digital piece counts, then the Puzzle Pro Pack for £1.99.

Don’t forget, if Wasgij Original is your preferred concept then download the triple expansion pack for £1.99. Once downloaded, you will be able to enjoy digitally piecing together the Wasgij Original Splashing About, Wasgij Original Mountain Course and Wasgij Original Monkeying Around. These Wasgij Originals were part of the smaller piece count range – so you may not have even puzzled the physical one’s before – exciting.

Or if Wasgij Destiny is more your cup of Wasgij tea, then the triple expansion pack, also for £1.99, includes Wasgij Destiny 7: Rock Around the Clock, Wasgij Destiny 6: Childs Play and Wasgij Destiny 5: Time Travel. All these three Wasgij Destiny puzzles are part of the 1,000 piece range, and even though you may have pieced together the real thing – you can now enjoy them when out and about with your tablet device.

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iOS Wasgij Puzzle App

Android Wasgij Puzzle App

Happy Digital Puzzling

*Suitable to download on all iOS iPad and iPad Mini devices

*** Minimum device specs: Google Android 2.3.3, Android tablets with 7 inch or bigger screen, 480 x 800, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB