Published on Sept. 25, 2014, 11:44 a.m.

Argos are offering our Disney Planes and Minnie Mouse Giant Foam Floor Puzzles for a whopping 1/3 OFF from now until the end of the year in-store and online!

Both the Disney Planes and Minnie Mouse include 9 giant foam jigsaw pieces that are brightly coloured and very easy to piece together. The images printed on the jigsaw puzzles feature your favourite characters from the Disney animations to make them even more interesting for puzzling.

Puzzling helps children to improve problem solving and hand-eye coordination from a young age whilst having fun! As the puzzle is made completely from EVA foam, it means that as well as puzzling inside it can also be used outside because of the durability of the giant foam pieces - Meaning that these puzzles are not just for a rainy day but can be enjoyed in whatever weather. It will also be sure to keep your child busy and out of mischief.

What makes these foam floor puzzles even more special is that you can join them both together to create an even bigger foam floor puzzle – making them twice the fun for your little ones.

Once the giant foam puzzle has been pieced together, your child can also use it as a comfortable play mat to sit and stand on whilst having fun inside and outside the house.

To take a further look at these fantastic puzzles, please click the links below…


Disney Planes Puzzle -

Disney Minnie Mouse Puzzle -


Happy Puzzling