Published on Jan. 2, 2015, noon

Holly has been very busy this year already and she has waved her magic wand and created some fantastic new jigsaw puzzles for every fan of Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

New to our range of Little Kingdom jigsaw puzzles is a beautiful set of four 35-piece jigsaw puzzles. All four of the puzzle images are brightly coloured and include plenty of detail – key for making it a great puzzle. Your little one can enjoy piecing together ‘Holly’s Magic Wands’, ‘A Picnic with Friends’, , ‘A Pirate’s Adventure’ and our favourite ‘Ben’s Busy Bedroom’.

As well as the four new 35-piece jigsaw puzzles, we have also released a 4-in-1 Shaped Puzzles set for children to enjoy. The four puzzles increase in piece count as your little one progresses through the set – this has been specially designed like this to help encourage them to build more challenging jigsaws and to develop early problem solving skills from a young age…whilst having fun of course. Included in the box is a 3, 6, 9 and 12-piece shaped jigsaw puzzle.

Keep an eye out for the Ben & Holly Giant Playing Cards that are coming later in the year.


Happy Puzzling