Published on Jan. 4, 2015, noon

The General Election is fast approaching and the three main political parties, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats, are all campaigning for your support - but let’s imagine the votes are in already and the announcement is about to be made!

Depending on which version of these Wasgij Imagine…? General Election puzzles you choose to piece together, you need to imagine that you are celebrating with that specific political party and piece together how they will celebrate their victory – this is the final puzzle scene you piece together to create the Wasgij ‘solution’ image. All of the three puzzles have a completely different Wasgij ‘solution’ to enjoy building – so will you discover the solution to all three?

Each of the three different General Election puzzle boxes are colour coded to help identify the puzzle you have chosen to enjoy – Conservative (Blue), Labour (Red) and Liberal Democrats (Yellow). All three puzzles share the same box image that depicts a busy House of Commons as the House Speaker is trying to gain some order and control, but is being ignored from all the boisterous ‘chatter’ from the political members involved. Can also spot a few recognisable political faces from past to present taking part in this debate?

Wasgij Imagine Puzzles

Wasgij Imagine…? is the brainteaser puzzle concept where you have to work out what would happen to the scene in the puzzle box image  if the daydream came true.  Use your imagination and puzzle what might happen if imagination really did become reality! Remember, only the puzzle holds the answer!

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Happy Puzzling


Please Note: Koninklijke Jumbo B.V. is not connected or aligned in any way to any political party. The artwork used is an interpretation by the Wasgij artist based on fiction and not based on facts. This product is not used to influence any political persuasion but reflects an artist’s impression.