Published on Feb. 8, 2015, 2:05 p.m.

We are proud to announce that Helen Millward is the winner of our Wasgij Christmas 10: Mystery Shopper promotion.

The promotion celebrated the release of this year’s Wasgij Christmas 10: Mystery Shopper puzzle and invited fans to enter and be in the chance of winning the year’s latest Wasgij jigsaw puzzles as well as a cash prize of £10,000. Whilst there is only one main winner, 25 runners up will also be selected and they will receive a pack of the latest Wasgij puzzles to help build their collections.

Helen Millward from North Yorkshire has long been a fan of the Wasgij range and the new Wasgij Imagine…? Election themed puzzle she will receive as part of her prize will provide a great addition to her already nearly complete collection.

Commenting on her win Helen said, “I’m so thrilled to have won! I love the Wasgij range and this combined with the cash prize is just so exciting. Whilst it still hasn’t totally sunk in I can’t wait to get puzzling again”.

The Wasgij range has a different set of rules when it comes to jigsaws – instead of following tradition and asking puzzlers to piece together the same image as that printed on the box, Wasgij truly broke the mould - by challenging puzzlers to use their imagination. With a range of versions within the collection puzzlers can find them piecing together ‘what happened next’ scenarios and time travel situations. Wasgij Christmas 10: Mystery Shopper however will challenge jigsaw fans to use their imagination and the clues provided, to piece together the view that one of the characters on the scene printed on the box is looking at.

Katherine Pierce, Senior Marketing Manager at Jumbo Games commented, “The promotion received an extremely positive response and it is great to be able to give something back to Wasgij fans. Helen has such a huge love of the range it is brilliant to be able to contribute to her ever growing collection.”

Keep an eye-out for more Wasgij promotions later in the year and don't forget to check-out the Wasgij Facebook page for regular fun & exciting competitions.