BRAND NEW Wasgij Puzzles!

Published on Feb. 16, 2016, 4:14 p.m.

Brand new Wasgij Imagine...? 2, Mystery 12 and Destiny 16 are available now!

Why not try to Imagine if the wheel had never been invented – tricky isn’t it! Well that's the image you have to puzzle together in the Imagine...? 2. Would the young chap still be riding his bike so easily? Would we be enjoying a circular pizza or a delicious round doughnut? Well they’re the questions you have to ask yourself when piecing the puzzle together. Included with this fantastic 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle is a FREE 10-page Wasgij Mini Colouring Book. Now you can colour in a selection of the most popular Wasgij BOX images.

It’s 1970 in the Destiny 16 and Justin Kidd & the Piledrivers are the biggest rock band around, entertaining thousands of fans at a sell-out stadium concert. What you have to do is imagine what the band might be doing today – are they relaxing in an overseas hideaway? Or have they stayed in the UK to enjoy a relaxing, quiet retirement. This is the scene you have to puzzle!

Can you find out what’s happened to the missing crown jewels in the latest Wasgij Mystery 12? The Tower is guarded by her majesty’s guards, so how could a person get past their eagle eyes and the lasers protecting them? The Beefeaters will need to think fast and check everywhere. Where could the jewels have disappeared to? And who took them? That is the scene you have to piece together.

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