Easter Treats

Published on March 22, 2016, 9:31 a.m.

Want to give more than an Easter egg this year? Well we’ve got you covered this Easter…

If you are struggling to think of a special Easter gift for Mum and Dad this Bank Holiday Weekend, then why not get Mum the ‘beautiful’ Falcon de luxe Poldark 1,000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle, and for Dad, the fantastic Thunderbirds Iconic Vehicles 1,000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle is sure to put a smile on their faces.

Easter is the first sign of the seasons changing, so celebrate the start of Spring with the beautiful Falcon de luxe Spring Garden 1,000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle. Or if you fancy something a little more challenging, the Wasgij Imagine…? 2 is perfect for keeping you entertained – Imagine if the wheel had not been invented! A tough one isn’t it - well that’s what you have to do in the Wasgij Imagine 2.

If it’s something to keep the little ones entertained this Easter Sunday, the Brand New Little Kingdom 18 piece Puzzle & Colour is the perfect gift for all Ben & Holly fans. What makes this puzzle so great, is that once they have pieced together the coloured image, they can flip it over and colour in the black & white picture on the reverse side with the FREE crayons included.

As we start to say goodbye to the cold, can your little one help Disney Frozen’s Anna and friends bring an end to the everlasting winter on Arendelle, with the Magical Ice Palace Game. The game features enchanted lights and sound effects – a brilliant game for all the kids this Easter.

If your little ones have had enough chocolate this year, the 3D DINO Puzzle Egg Triple Pack is a fantastic alternative, so youngsters have to hatch and build detailed dinosaur models!

Last on our Easter Treats list, is a collection of three brightly coloured Peppa Pig jigsaw puzzles. Peppa fans will be entertained piecing together a lovely 6, 9 and 12 piece Jigsaw Puzzle – fun through learning!

Happy Easter!