BRAND NEW Wasgij Retro Puzzles!

Published on April 11, 2017, 9:27 a.m.

We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new Wasgij Retro puzzles, as part of the celebrations for our 20th Anniversary!

The puzzles have been specially re-launched to give new Wasgij fans and avid collectors, wanting to complete their collections, the chance to piece together where it all started for us. The three 1,000 piece puzzles will be the Wasgij Original 1: Sunday Drivers!, Destiny 1: The Best Days of our Lives! and the Mystery 1: The Wasgij Express!

The highly amusing 1,000 piece Original 1: Sunday Drivers! depicts a beautiful sunny day in a peaceful local village, but as the local farmer trots up the road on his horses and cart and he’s noticed an old lady driving a Morris Minor straight towards him. But is it the lady driver everyone is shocked at, or something else worrying the villagers? Try to imagine you’re the horse to discover why everyone is so surprised. This is the scene you have to puzzle.

The nostalgically entertaining 1,000 piece Wasgij Destiny is sure to get you reminiscing about your school days, with mischievous classmates, young romances and grumpy teachers. Will the students have the same personalities at this school reunion years later? Try to imagine how the school canteen might look today and how much the pupils would have grown up. This is the scene you will have to puzzle.

And finally, the fantastic Wasgij Mystery 1,000 piece puzzle sees two Wasgij secret agents all tied up and armed with only a whistle, but how can they get out of this tricky situation? Use your imagination, and the clues provided on the box, to piece together what will happen next. Can you work out how the secret agents can escape the oncoming train? This is the scene you will have to puzzle.

All three of the brand new Wasgij puzzles follow their own unique Wasgij concept and will all be available in April from,, and other puzzle specialists.

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