Published on July 23, 2013, 11:23 a.m.

Puzzle Mania - whereever and wherever you like!

Jumbo have launched the 'Jan van Haasteren PuzzleApp' in the App Store. This new free app gives puzzle fans the chance to transform comical illustrations into puzzles on their iPads. Whereas making puzzles is traditionally a solitary hobby, the new app enables you to challenge others to set to work on different, highly amusing Jan van Haasteren puzzles. The app is perfect for holiday trips: no lost pieces in the car, the caravan or hotel room, and no pile of puzzle boxes to take along in your suitcase!

With the Jan van Haasteren PuzzleApp, enthusiasts can get to enjoy the brilliantly illustrated, comical pictures created by Jan van Haasteren on their iPad. There are 25 different puzzles up for grabs and the collection will be expanded to include other gems in the course of the year. The Jan van Haasteren PuzzleApp is suitable for beginners and seasoned players. Each puzzle can be broken down for building in 24, 54, 70, 96, 150, 240 or 504 pieces, with the app offering several handy tools for sorting all the flat edges, for example.

The unique thing about the Jan van Haasteren PuzzleApp is the inclusion of an extra game option. Whereas puzzle making is normally an individual endeavour, Jumbo has changed this by including the speed puzzle option. Players can match their skills against their Facebook friends and battle it out to see who can finish the puzzle first.

The Jan van Haasteren PuzzleApp is available to download for free via the App Store. The first two puzzles will be free of charge. Puzzle enthusiasts who register through their Facebook account for speed puzzling will even get the third puzzle for free. Each subsequent puzzle will be available at a price of £2.99 (€4.49). The Jan van Haasteren PuzzleApp is only available for use on the iPad.