The Puzzle Master

Craftmanship counts... Quality has been an obsession at Jumbo for the last 150 years.

Ever since we began creating puzzles, we have used the most exacting techniques to ensure we produce puzzles of the finest quality. It’s a journey that starts when we select our images. Not every beautiful image makes for an entertaining puzzle. That’s why we take such care of the choices we make. Then we ensure that we use only the finest quality board, making sure that each piece will keep its optimum shape and fit seamlessly together, time after time. Each piece is carefully cut in such a way that the finished image will look more like a poster than a puzzle.

At Jumbo, puzzle making is more than a craft. It’s a passion. Something we will continue to take pride in for years to come.

We wish you hours of puzzle fun!















The Puzzle Master

Jumbo quality:

• Wide variety of sizes, shapes and piece counts

• Environmentally friendly recycled cardboard and paper

• Each piece has a unique fit & shape

• Seamless look

Normal quality                                          Jumbo quality