Constructo HMS Bounty 1:110

  • Constructo HMS Bounty 1:110
  • Constructo HMS Bounty 1:110

Product Id: D80621

Enjoy piecing together one Britain’s most famous vessels in maritime history – the HMS Bounty. Construct a sailing ship that is mostly famously known for the bold and unforgiving mutiny that led to its Captain, William Bligh to be cast from his ship along with several of his loyal crewman. This Constructo construction kit is designed for the a loyal modeller and will give you hours of fun and enjoyment as you recreate a part of Britain’s maritime history for yourself. The kit is presented in a luxurious box with all the parts classified and organised for easy location and setup when you begin modelling. There is a detailed set of instructions included within that include step by step photographs to identify the modelling process.The finished size of this model HMS Bounty measures 39(L) x 33(H) x 12 (D)cm. Scale 1:110.

Age - 12+

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