Game ideas

Do you have a game or puzzle idea and would you like to submit it to us for development or distribution? Then read the conditions below. If your idea meets the requirements, please send us your game or puzzle ideas via

Procedure for the submission of game, puzzle and toys concepts

Why this procedure?

Jumbo operates worldwide and is thus regularly exposed to new concepts and ideas for games, puzzles and toys by many professional companies that develop these products. They have a great knowledge of the market and the needs of their customers, but above all they know which concepts are new and protected. Jumbo also has its own product development department that develops concepts for new products. For practical and legal reasons Jumbo prefers to work with their own concepts or those of its professional and well-known companies.

On a weekly basis Jumbo receives many unsolicited game, puzzle and toy concepts (the "concepts") from inventors/creators. Jumbo would, of course, like to keep an eye out for these new ideas, but it requires clear agreements on how these concepts are to be handled and what rights you do or do not have.

When and how do you submit your concept?

You'll need to consider beforehand if your concept adds something new and innovative to what already exists in the toy market. That question is often difficult to answer, but if you're an enthusiastic "gamer" or “puzzler” who has done your research, then you should be able to support your concept with a reasonable estimate

If you are convinced that your concept is new and perhaps even unique, and you want to submit the concept to Jumbo for further development / distribution, this is possible initially via e-mail to

The concept will only be accepted when the following information is provided in the e-mail:
a. brief description of the concept
b. target group players
c. target group buyers
d. average playing time
e. if possible, images of the concept

Furthermore, your e-mail needs to contain the following statement:
"I hereby state to have read the terms and conditions as provided by Jumbo in its procedure for sending in game, puzzle and toy concepts and declare to agree to these terms in full"

Conditions for the submission of your concept

When sending your concept to Jumbo in any way (mail, e-mail, fax or phone), you expressly agree to the following conditions:
1. You send your concept to Jumbo unsolicited and voluntarily.
2. You give irrevocable consent to Jumbo to discuss and evaluate your concept internally.
3. You declare that you are the rightful claimant of the presented concepts or the legitimate representative of the owner(s). You indemnify Jumbo for possible claims by third parties relating to (the rights to) the concept.
4. You cannot derive any rights from the submission of your concept. Jumbo does not give any guarantee that something will be done with the concept sent. Jumbo is always authorized to refuse delivery and appropriate assessment of the concept without giving reasons.
5. If Jumbo has no interest in your concept they will inform you within 60 days after receiving your concept. If Jumbo might have an interest in your concept, then they will contact you to make arrangements. If you do not receive a response within 60 days this means, that in principle, your concept is rejected.
6. Jumbo agrees that they will take confidential knowledge of your concept.
7. Jumbo declares that your concept will not be developed without your prior consent. Jumbo emphasizes that each day many concepts are brought to their attention and that there are many similar concepts / ideas among them. For this reason Jumbo assumes no liability for marketing potentially similar products after you have submitted your concept.