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Christmas spirit is here!

If for you (or someone you know) it’s a tradition to do a jigsaw puzzle at Christmas, then we have some treats this year with our strong selection of traditional puzzles from our Falcon de luxe range, but also some ‘puzzles with a twist’ with our Wasgij range.

This year’s brand-new special edition Falcon Christmas puzzle is titled ‘Santa’s Special Delivery’ and has an extra-special treat inside for puzzlers. The first image is a beautifully festive scene with Santa setting off from the North Pole on the ‘Santa Express’ train with presents for everyone. You can also see Mrs Claus saying her goodbye and their helpful Elves making sure all the gifts make it into the decorative steam train.

If this 1,000-piece puzzle wasn’t enough for you, we’ve also included a FREE 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle for an extra-special jumbo treat. The second festive image shows Santa arriving at a crowded village station and handing out the gifts he has for everyone.

If you really love puzzling and what something to keep you entertained for the entire holiday period, then take a peek at our 4 x 1,000-piece Falcon de luxe boxset ‘Family Time at Christmas’. All four images illustrate a stunning Christmas scene that will take you on a journey, from decorating the house, to make it Christmassy, to opening up your presents on Christmas morning, to ice skating with family.

If you’re looking for something a little bit ‘different’ and more entertaining than your traditional puzzles, then a Wasgij puzzle is what you are looking for. The brand-new Wasgij Christmas 15: Santa’s Unexpected Delivery! sees Santa working in his workshop with all his elves and Mrs Claus. When suddenly Santa hears a knock at the door – But who could it be? What Santa is looking at, is the puzzle you have to piece together, so using your imagination and some clues provided is where the fun begins.

But that is not all! Once you have finished puzzling together the fantastic 1,000-piece Wasgij solution puzzle, you can then piece together the FREE 1,000 piece image of the scene printed on the box. You don’t get this with the Original, Destiny or Mystery Wasgij – this is another jumbo treat for Christmas joy.

To view our selection of festive-inspired puzzles, visit our Amazon Brand Store https://amzn.to/32VWMlH

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