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Have you got Dumbo fever?

Whether you’re a new fan or a loyal one, now you can bring the magic of Disney’s Dumbo to life with our brand new 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. We have released a beautifully nostalgic 1,000-piece puzzle to commemorate everyone’s favourite elephant, using classic artwork from the original animation, in a storyboard design, that new and loyal fans are sure to love piecing together.

This puzzle is part of our Disney ‘Classic Collection’ and features Timothy Q. Mouse, Mr Stork, Mrs Jumbo and of course the main star Dumbo.

If you like the look of this puzzle, we have plenty of your favourite Disney characters within our Disney ‘Classic Collection’ to choose from such as Mickey, Bambi, Snow White and many more to be released this year.

This fantastic puzzle is available from amazon.co.uk

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