Product idea?

You have a great idea, into which you have invested a huge amount of time. And you’ve now decided to present your idea to games company Jumbo. We understand this and are of course open to ideas. Because we receive numerous offers every week, it isn’t possible for you to make an appointment on the telephone with one of our colleagues. Neither is it possible for you to visit us without an invitation and/or to simply send us your product by post. But what can you do?

If you follow the instructions below, we will ensure that your idea is presented to the right person within our company so that it receives the attention it deserves.

You are entitled to expect a professional response from us and we expect the same from you. If we invest time and money into your idea, we also ask you to do the same before submitting your idea to us.

We will only consider ideas submitted by email if you comply fully with the following five points:

1. You send an email containing a short description of your idea and an explanation of what makes your idea unique. This email should contain your full name, address and telephone number.

We regularly receive ideas that already exist or are based in part on ideas already subject to copyright. Check in advance if your idea is genuinely unique. This requires a thorough investigation. The Internet (to start with provides a useful tool. In case of doubt, you can indicate what is already available on the market, so that we can assess the extent to which your idea is not governed by copyright.

2. You submit the full rules of the game / working drawings / description of the idea as an appendix. Only then, will we be in a position to properly assess your idea.

3. You produce a clear product video in which you explain your idea to us. You therefore have to produce a handmade model or prototype before submitting your idea. Remember to include this video as an attachment to your email or to provide a link to it in your email and not to send it in a separate email.

If the video is too big to submit by email, you can make use of a free service such as and include the link in your email. Please make sure that the file remains available for at least 60 days.

4. The following text should be included at the bottom of the email: “I hereby declare that I have taken cognizance of the conditions set by Jumbo in its procedure for submitting own concepts and declare that I unreservedly agree to these conditions.”

You should read through the general term & conditions carefully; you can access them here for reference.

5. All of the information required must be written and presented in Dutch or English. Unfortunately, we cannot assess and/or take into consideration any ideas presented in a language other than Dutch or English.

Providing your email complies with the above five points, you can submit it to: Submissions that do not comply will not be taken into consideration.


You have submitted your idea. What happens now?

You will receive an email response within 60 days. There are a number of possible outcomes. We will always try to formulate a fitting answer. Please find below the five standard answers you may expect to receive by email:

A. FAILURE TO COMPLY: You have failed to comply with the conditions set for the submission of your idea. Check again if you have submitted everything and if you have completed each step properly. If you skipped a step, you may again compile and submit your email.

B. REJECTED: Your idea is not unique. Your game does not contain any elements that make it exceptional and upon which you could possibly attach any copyright. This could be because your idea already exists or because it is based in part on an existing game or elements from existing games. A game really has to be innovative!

C. COMPARABLE IDEA: It is conceivable that another author beat you to it and has submitted an idea displaying a remarkable similarity to your idea. In such a case, we will notify you of this fact as soon as possible. We cannot issue any statements about or provide insight into the idea that has already been submitted to us.

D. NOT INTERESTING: Your idea may indeed be new, but it is not suitable for our purposes. As a publisher we need to make choices and that may be at the expense of a good idea. This is sometimes the case if it is a product that competes with one of our existing games or because it is a product that falls into a category beyond the scope of Jumbo’s activities.

E. INTERESTING: Your idea has captured the interest of our product development department. You will be contacted by email by this department to discuss the next steps.



On submission of a game concept to Jumbo, you hereby explicitly declare that you agree with the following conditions:

1. Submission of your concept to Jumbo is unsolicited and voluntarily.

2. You have given Jumbo irrevocable permission to discuss and assess the concept internally.

3. You declare that you are fully entitled to the submitted concepts and/or that you are the legal representative of the entitled party or parties. You indemnify Jumbo against possible third-party liability related to (the rights to) the concept.

4. Jumbo provides no guarantee that any action will be taken with respect to the submitted concept. Jumbo is at all times authorised to refuse to take receipt of and/or to conduct the requested assessment of the game concept without having to substantiate why.

5. If Jumbo is not interested in your concept you will be notified accordingly by email within 60 days of receipt. If Jumbo is interested in your concept, you will be contacted in order to reach further agreements.

6. Jumbo declares that your concept will be treated confidentially.

7. Jumbo declares that it will not use your concept without your prior permission. In this respect, Jumbo would like to emphasise that numerous concepts are brought to its attention every day and that many comparable concepts and/or ideas may be among these submissions. For this reason, Jumbo in no way accepts any liability as a consequence of similar products being brought to market after you submitted your concept.

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