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Colour Chameleon


The chameleons in this game are very mischievous and they have lost their spots! Can you help them to find their spots again? Colour Chameleon is a game for the little ones to learn how to recognise colours.

How to play Colour Chameleon?
Each player chooses a chameleon card and takes six spots (one of each colour), placing them next to their chameleon card. The player with the most colourful clothes on goes first.
Look closely at your chameleon card. The aim is to fill in the missing spots on your chameleon from head to tail. You do so by rolling the dice.
• If the colour of the dice is the same as the colour of your first missing space, take a spot of the same colour and place it in the empty space on your chameleon. The turn then goes to the next player, moving clockwise.
• If the colour of the dice is not the same as the colour of your first missing space, bad luck and the turn goes to the next player.
Who wins the game?
The first player to collect all six colours of the chameleon wins the game!

• 4 Chameleon cards
• 24 Coloured spots; 4x red, 4x orange, 4x yellow, 4x green, 4x blue and 4x purple
• 1 Coloured dice

This game is made from 100% recycled materials. That’s pretty cool! We contribute towards creating a cleaner world by transforming old shampoo bottles, old paper and discarded wrapping paper into brand new games. This means loads and loads of playing pleasure for you and it’s good for the planet!

Product information
  • Age: 3+
  • Number of players: 2-4
  • Article number: 19730
  • EAN code: 8710126197301
  • Weight: 227 g
  • Box dimensions: 12.5x18.3x4.2
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