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Dessineo – Learn to draw


My first game to learn to draw! Dessineo is specially designed for children aged 4 and older. The child learns to draw following a simple and fun step-by-step method. With simple shapes such as circles, squares or triangles, the child draws a cat, Father Christmas, an aeroplane… The sheets of drawing paper are already pre-printed with inspiring backgrounds: seawater for the fish, space for the rocket ship and a white snowy landscape for Father Christmas! The game stimulates the creativity and imagination of the child. Learn to draw in 4 steps. Choose one of the transparent stencil discs and place it on the turntable. For example the fish. Switch on the projector. Choose one of the background sheets (the seawater for example) and place it on the transparent lid of the projector between the four mounting points so that the sheet stays firmly in place. 1. Turn the disc with the drawing stencil to the step 1. The first step of the drawing will now be projected: a large oval for the body and two arches for the fins. Draw the first lines using the marker. 2. Turn the disc to step 2 and draw the head, big fin and tail. 3. During step 3 draw the eye, the mouth and the stripes, and look: you’ve drawn a happy fish! 4. During step 4, you will draw bubbles, a starfish and a small fish as well. Finally, the drawing can be coloured in. Everything stows neatly in a handy case. Easy to carry along everywhere. Contents: 1 drawing board with projector and turntable 30 drawing templates on 3 different levels 10 background sheets A4 1 black marker.

Product information
  • Age: 4+
  • Number of players: 1
  • Article number: 19573
  • EAN code: 8710126195734
  • Weight: 1680 g
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