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Honey Yummy


Buzz, buzz! The bees fly from flower to flower, working together to fill the beehive with honey. But watch out! If Boris the bear manages to get the honey, he wins and he steals all the honey!

How to play Honey Yummy?
Honey Yummy is a game where all the players work together as a team to fill the beehive with honey. The last player to have eaten honey starts the game. Roll the dice and count the number of flowers rolled. How many can you count: one, two or three? Take your bee and move it the same number of spaces across the flower cards as shown by the number of flowers on the dice. You can choose which direction to fly off in. You are not allowed to fly back and forth between flowers during the same turn.
What if you land on a flower with another bee? No problem. More than one bee is allowed on the same flower.

What if there are one or more drops of honey on the flower where you land? Take one and put it into an empty hole in the beehive.

If you take the last drop of honey from the flower card and the beehive isn’t full yet, you have to turn the flower over in the same turn. If the back of the flower card is green, the bees are lucky and nothing happens. If the back of the card shows Boris the bear, he gets to take a step forward in the direction of the opening of the beehive. In either case, remove the flower card from the game, placing it back in the box. The bee or bees that were on the same flower card may fly to a flower card on either side of the one removed.

The turn then goes to the next player.

Tip for the bees: It’s safest to leave at least one drop of honey in each of the flower cards for as long as possible.
Who wins the game?
If the bees succeed in filling the beehive completely with honey before Boris the bear reaches the beehive, all the players win the game. But if Boris is the fastest, he wins the game!


• 1 Beehive (game board)
• 8 Flower cards
• 24 Plastic drops of honey
• 4 Cardboard bees with a plastic stand
• 1 Cardboard bear with a plastic stand
• 1 Dice

This game is made from 100% recycled materials. That’s pretty cool! We contribute towards creating a cleaner world by transforming old shampoo bottles, old paper and discarded wrapping paper into brand new games. This means loads and loads of playing pleasure for you and it’s good for the planet!

Product information
  • Age: 4+
  • Number of players: 1-4
  • Article number: 19731
  • EAN code: 8710126197318
  • Weight: 218 g
  • Box dimensions: 12.5x18.3x4.2
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