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Ready for take-off? Take it easy, not so fast, captain! The passengers haven’t boarded the plane yet! Welcome to the country’s busiest airport. You work at the airline’s check-in desk and your job is to make sure that every passenger gets a seat. This is quite a challenge, because some passengers want to sit by the window and others prefer travelling in a group. What’s more, the plane is overbooked: there are more passengers than there are seats… Will you be the one who can make the most passengers happy? If you’re a frequent flyer who has played the game a number of times, play a slightly more challenging game using the symbols in the corner of the passenger cards, or using the extra difficult cards and/or the event cards. Players can choose to play with one or more of these game variants. We recommend you don’t try applying these game variants when you play the game for the first time. CONTENTS • Departure hall (game board) • 4 service desks • 4 double-sided aircraft cabins aeroplanes (top side for 1-3 players, reverse side for 4 players) • 4 aircraft steps • 72 passenger cards (including 9 extra difficult ones) • 15 event cards • 24 dinner vouchers • 150 passengers (30 x 5 colours) • 1 control tower (for the starting player) • 1 baggage carousel (score card) • 1 winner’s badge • 8 wooden cubes in 4 colours • Rules of the game • 4 checklists

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  • Number of players: 1-4
  • Article number: 19738
  • EAN code: 8710126197387
  • Weight: 1456 g
  • Box dimensions:
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