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We are very excited to announce that we have released TWO brand new Jan van Haasteren puzzles that are available to buy now.

The two puzzles are titled ‘Cruise Ship’ and ‘The Art Market’ and both can be enjoyed in the popular 1,000-piece format.

To start you off with our new additions we have the ‘Cruise Ship’ that shows the interior of a hectic cruise ship where everything seems to be going wrong! In each of the rooms detailed in this chaotic cruise ship illustration you can find plenty of smaller, comical details which the artists from Jan van Haasteren studios have created, so keep your eyes peeled for them all.

The second new puzzle we’ve released, titled ‘The Art Market’ lets you to take a cultural trip to a village art market where local artists can display their pieces of art for others to see. If you look carefully at the different pieces of art on display, you’ll find plenty of ‘hidden’ detail and comical goings on.

These 1000-piece Jan van Haasteren jigsaw puzzles are the perfect starters for puzzlers who may have never pieced together a JVH jigsaw puzzle before – or they’re nice additions to loyal JVH fans collection.

Most of Jan’s fans will immediately search for his trademark illustrations, but if you are new to his work, then make sure you keep a close eye out for the famous shark’s fin, Saint Nicholas character, the Hands that don’t seem to have bodies to them, the Dentures that are jumping about on their own and of course, a self-portrait of Jan. These classic and very amusing illustrations can be seen all his puzzles and makes a great addition to puzzling, as you try to search and find them all.

To view all our brand new Jan van Haasteren puzzles that we have released this year and that are in our collection, visit our Jan van Haasteren brand page https://amzn.to/2Vz6hYw

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