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If you are a fan of traditional puzzle illustrations from popular nostalgic themes such as Scenery, Cottages, Transport, Nostalgia and others, then we have TEN brand new puzzles just for you in piece counts of 500 to 1,000-pieces.

New in our Scenery collection is ‘Another Day on the Farm’, in a 1,000-pieces that illustrates a beautifully busy day on the farm on a lovely Spring morning. Fiona Osbaldstone is the artist behind is stunning puzzle image and if you like this, be sure to check out the other puzzles she has created in our Falcon de luxe range.

A new addition to our Nostalgia range is ‘The Toy Shop’ 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that puts you right outside this vintage toy shop. You can see into the shop windows that the shop is filled from head to toe with a variety of toys that you might remember having as a child. This would be a dream come true for all children to run around in and play with all the different toys…and if they are lucky enough, take some home with them.

In addition to these puzzles, we have ‘Gathering on the Couch’ which is part of our Animals collection and is a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. The elegantly coloured puzzle image shows busy sofa filled with a stunning variety of dogs including a Dalmatian, German Shepard, a Pug and many more! Proving to us who the real kings & queens of the sofa are.

If you are a fan of piecing together puzzles of cottages, we have just released the new ‘Riverside Cottages’ 2×500-piece jigsaw puzzle set. These picturesque puzzle images portray detailed scenes of two beautiful cottages by the river in the countryside. These lovely scenes give a wonderful representation of the great British countryside. This 2×500 piece puzzle set also includes printed pictures of the of the two illustrations, so you’re able to see every detail of the puzzles as you enjoy piecing them together.

To view all our brand new Falcon de luxe puzzles that we have released this year, visit our Falcon brand page https://amzn.to/2GHF2Ct

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