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We are very excited to announce that have released THREE brand new Wasgij puzzles and TWO new additions to our Wasgij Retro collection!

The three puzzles that will be available very soon are the; Original 33 ‘Calm on the Canal!’, Destiny 21 ‘Highway Holdup!’ and Mystery 18 ‘Catching a Quick Bite!’ 1,000-piece puzzles.

The newest 1,000-piece Original 33 ‘Calm on the Canal!’ shows Captain Davey driving his canal on his boat down a peaceful canal. Suddenly he hears something behind him, causing him and the people around to stop and stare! What could be happening to get this surprised reaction from everyone? Try to imagine you are the farmer on the bridge and what he can see is what you must piece together.

The latest Wasgij Destiny 21 ‘Highway Holdup!’ takes you on a journey back to ye olden days, where you see a horse and carriage being pulled over and robbed by some evil crew. But how different would today’s world be if you (unfortunately) get pulled over? Try to imagine what this scene would look like in modern day. Have the vehicles and commuters changed? What else might have changed to? This is the scene you will have to puzzle.

The next instalment in the Wasgij Mystery range, ‘Catching a Quick Bite!’ 1,000-piece puzzle set. The image shown on the box sees people taking a stop off for a bit of lunch at café Val’s le clairs. It’s a beautiful afternoon and everyone is enjoying a spot of lunch, but what could spoil people’s appetites? Use your imagination, and the clues provided on the box, to piece together what will happen next? That is the scene you will have to puzzle.

If you are a loyal fan, you may have already pieced together our new Wasgij Retro puzzles that we’ve rereleased, but if you haven’t, then you can enjoy piecing together some of the very first Wasgij to ever be released.

This year we have rereleased the Wasgij Original 4. ‘A Day to Remember!’ where the wedding ceremony is almost finished and the photographer wants to capture the happy couple’s joy with all their closet loved ones. But as the photographer counts down “3…2…” the Groom is shocked to see something behind the lens that’s about to ruin this magical moment. Imagine you are the Groom whose jaw has dropped below his waist coast and try to imagine what has ruined his biggest day – that is what you are puzzling.

Finally, we finish our January new releases with the Wasgij Retro Mystery 4. ‘Live Entertainment!’ 1,000-piece puzzle. As the night wears on and the food is dished up to the hungry customers, they realise the sign promised ‘Live Entertainment’ and ask the waitress what the act will be. But what surprise does she have lined up to get these folks hooting and crying out for an encore? The surprise is what you need to piece together.

The new Wasgij puzzles follow their own unique Wasgij concept and are available now from www.alljigsawpuzzles.co.uk, www.jigsawpuzzlesdirect.co.uk, www.asteriskjigsawpuzzles.co.uk, Amazon.co.uk and other puzzle specialists later this month.

We would love to hear what you think of the brand new releases, so if you have a Facebook account then pop over to Facebook.com/WasgijPuzzles and let us know.

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